Is your palette bored? Do you even register the taste of your usual after work merlot? Do you feel like you might need a change from Trader Joe’s 2$ Chuck selection? Well, you don’t need to look very far to find a new adventure for your taste buds.

Instead of taking your usual walk down the BevMo isle, maybe all you need to do is venture over a couple of shelves. The problem with humans is that we are creatures of habit. It takes a lot for us to break age-old routines and do something remotely out of our comfort zones, even if that break in routine is trying a new wine. Or better yet, a new variation or a bottle from a winery you’ve never heard about.

What’s scary about this is you’re worried you will waste your money on a bad wine – which is usually what you use to take your mind off money troubles, am I right?

I – a seasoned wine country traveler – have looked past common varieties and infamous vineyards to find a selection of wine that will take your taste buds on vacation from the ordinary. Here are some wines you’ve probably never heard of that you need to add to your wine rack as soon as possible:

1. Gewurztraminer, I barely know her

If you are a white wine enthusiast, you need to give this German variety a chance. If you’re all about Moscato, this aromatic variety is a different yet fantastic choice. This has a higher alcohol content than Moscato making it great for sipping by the pool or pounding at a picnic. And if you’re a fan of less sweet whites there are plenty of Gewurztraminers that are less sweet, however, might seem sweeter than they actually are since they’re beautifully aromatic.

If you enjoy notes of citrus and honey reach for this wine instead of your usual Moscato. This way you will feel a little more sophisticated when grabbing a white as it has a fancy foreign name.

2. Blue wine????

If you’re not feeling in the mood for a red or white wine, try reaching for a blue. Yes, I said it: Blue wine is a thing, and it is pretty good!

Blanc De Bleu is a California sparkling wine that is blue. And yes it’s actually made with grapes! However, they do throw in some blueberries to “pastel” the wine blue. IT has a low alcohol content and, naturally, it has blueberry notes.

This wine is meant for celebrations and only comes at around $15 a bottle. So celebrate getting off of work with this sapphire gem.

3. A Red Wine Lover on a Budget? Oh is that Trousseau?

Trousseau is a tricky Bastardo, as it also goes by the latter. However, if you need a vacation from your usual wine tries this forward fruit variety.

While this kind of wine has been traditionally sweet, modern winemakers are using the grape to make dry wines and have come up with some tasty results.

Next time you reach for a red look for this delicious Argentinian wine.

Check out the video below for more on lesser known wines!